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Client Only Special Post – Metropolitan Paperwork, Vault Chase Bank Linked Account holders… Friday

With almost 10 times more followers than actual clients we happily keep that in mind when we’re writing informational posts for everyone. This Friday post is actually just specifically for clients, so if you’re not a client we look forward to a possible more pertinent post on Monday, clients please read on!

Metropolitan Paperwork – Donald The Brain Has You Covered

Many of you have received some paperwork concerning Metropolitan life and transactions from a decade ago. It’s a big bundle of paperwork that we also have a copy in our office. Donald The Brain will be reviewing this and if action is necessary he’s able to upload information on a bulk basis, not only saving multiple paperwork hassles but saving all of us the angst of having to mail information back individually.

Chase Bank Linked Vaulters Please Re-Link

Those of you that have happily linked your Chase Bank Accounts to your vault we ask that you go back and re-link them as the linking interface has changed as of yesterday and needs refreshing. We apologize for the inconvenience but again greatly appreciate being able to see those balances and transactions in real time in our respective Chase accounts for our financial planning, safety, and continued upkeep, and tracking. This update is adding more stable linking features! YAY

So bottom line those of you with the Metropolitan paperwork you can trash it we’ve got you covered on this side, secondarily those Chase connections please refresh for all of our collective viewing !


That’s it, no more homework … it’s a Friday … enjoy your day enjoy, your weekend, will be back with you next week!

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