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Amazed How Seamless Virtual Became Reality! … A Cell Phone Comparison

Do you remember your first experience with a Cell Phone ?

Not talking to the youngsters here – haha – you guys should read what happened though!

At first someone else had a cell phone, and they were likely seen as braggers or show offs….mobile-phone-246906__480

Slowly (over years) the stigma subsided and the cost of a cell phone began dropping with incremental speed of use and additional features.

Do you know anyone who does not have a cell phone? Probably Not

Virtual Was Pushed On Us and We Did Just Fine

This week on a Quarterly Earnings Call, a publicly traded company that is directly in the middle of Virtual said…

“In Two Months Over Two Years of Integration in Virtual Just Occurred”

Isn’t that pretty cool!

We should all pat ourselves on the back!

Only thing needed is an internet connection …  most phones now double as Hotspot … trouble easily averted

Stigma is Gone on Virtual meetings and get together’s …

Countless talk by tons of Smaller offices …

Less Travel Expense …

Yea, maybe a bit more impersonal …

Nothing will ever replace Face To Face, a nice hug or handshake !!

Given the circumstances … nice welcomed pivot!

Have a Great “Virtual Embraced” Day!

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