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Whirl Wind Virtual Start to Schools Across the Country … Thank Goodness Friday!

With many conversations this week being very similar… especially near the end of the week … we thought it worth a shout out about our experience …

School officially started for our gang and most others here in the Texas area this week ….

Virtual Commencement to Schools

The start of school in years past meant a teary goodbye and an earlier than normal “Rise and Shine”

Here is what it looked liked this year:

Someone rolled out of bed and jumped onto the laptop, hurriedly….

Two 8 am classes at the same time??? How does that work ?

Pick one and go with it….

Later it was discovered one was MWF and the other TTH – oops, guessed wrong…

Then after the first class, the entire school network crashed….

Text to parent cells worked….

Network back up…. for only an hour… another text to Cell… Network down!

Missed class …..ahhhh, when is next class?

No idea, its different than the in person schedule!

Coming from a family of educators, our sincere compassion for the technological and logistic challenges…

We will get through it and some day soon this will be really funny…but not yet!

Have a Great “Glad First Week School Starting is Over” Day!

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