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How we bring so many original ideas in this format to you? Back Handed Compliments Accepted …

One of the most backhanded compliments that we receive, mostly from new followers ….No way this is all original information ?


The answer to that is of course yes, spelling mistakes and all,


The follow up question is how do we deliver so much content? Again a very backhanded compliment that makes us smile.


While we’ve talked about this before in slightly different context, as mentioned above with new followers reaching out with these questions we thought it worth another review.


The Secret sauce!



This post is being created on a early morning stroll, due to heat restraints here in the south via dictation. The stroll brings out the creative juices, the software allows for easy print. The only problem is that dictation leads to inappropriate syntax that is very close to what the intended word SHOULD be and can be very difficult to spot! From above…mistakes and all!


Sometimes these mistakes sneak by, we call that originality for our posts, and we appreciate those that point outside mistakes, as we are most certainly human as well.


As a funny side note …. this just happened, due to our continued writings, and walks while writing,, we have met an interesting group of fellow walkers, always wondering why the curious speaking to the cell phone!


Please feel free to send us requests or subject matter, if it fits we will certainly broach the subject.


We frequently get requests for guest hosts, which we decline due to usual sales like subject matter from the author. But we welcome subject matter requests from you guys…. for the record you give us the most content from a daily trials and tribulations… THANK YOU!


OK, that’s it, now you know how the sausages made, we hope you enjoy, and liked peering behind  the creative curtain!

Have a Great “How the Sausage is made” Day! 

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