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Kastle Back to Office Update – New Measuring Index – Week Days in the Office … Ah ha

One of our favorite finds over the last two years is the Kastle Index… now indexes

For those newbies, this security company has taken the information and made it into a very useful index since they have the data from their security systems…

With a request from the field for more granularity on the calculation, (hat tip MR) a new data set/Index has been created that shows interesting but not surprising work characteristics…

Kastle Back to Work Barometer

Holding steady just below 50% – with some outliers on either side ..

Kastle Over Time Occupancy Measurement

Another view of the leveling off of back to work characteristics near the right of the graph…

Kastle Weekly View

Here is the new view that brings some clarity to the overall back to work index….. Monday and Fridays are clearly work from home days still!

We have lessened our reviews of this type of information, but still find this worth a look, especially if there are new data series, such as this!

Have a Great “Back to Work more Clarified” Day!

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