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Holiday Hosting Party and Dinner Tricks to Avoid – Not to be negative, but we keep Experiencing these! Warning!

We are pretty positive folks…

If a high road can be taken, we usually go that way …

Hey – mistakes happen – but repetition has us gun shy …

First time – shame on me – second time … well you get the drift …

Due to our travels and fun Holiday Season we are continually exposed to Holiday Party Tricks – so here are warnings for items that we keep experiencing!pink-wine-1964457__480

Wine year change — It is almost inevitable, at some dinner over the Holiday’s your favorite wine will be out of stock … only to be substituded by a similar year from the establishment – hey that is fine, but year vintage differ GREATLY in cost – not to be a jerk, but it might be worth a question if the replacement year is the same cost –

True story from a super wine coniseaour friend – there is an element of permanent bait and switch that occurs occasionally  – even in more established placed – the stakes can be very profitable, but unfortunate, sadly sour upon consumer discovery…. Confirm the year you order is delivered – similar to above, your favorite wine will likely price change dramatically from year to year!

Speaking of Wine or other beverages as well — Get clear before you throw the party – Does an open bottle mean a consumed bottle ? Sometimes, yes, and other times no … worth the review… One drink bottles equaling full cost can be … well costly!

Watch the Tip – Is it included in a small party? – six plus party is normal for gratuity – but less so these days – we still run into the small party tip included, but not easily seen occasionally – with a blank line for a duplicate or double tip – Don’t bite !

Hope you enjoy the Holidays and hope these reminders keep a few extra bucks in your pocket!

Have a Great “Holiday Party Trick” Reminder day!

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Handy Money Saving Travel Tips …

With many on the road, and August really starting the travel season, a few money saving travel tips crossed our minds. So we wanted to share.Money Saving Travel Tips

At the Dinner Table

Watch the Year of that Wine– So you splurged a little more than usual and bought that special bottle of Wine for the table. Take note of the year you purchased on the menu, if the one that is served is different, you may want to ask.

Watch the tip– In groups of six, the tip is often included. Double check, and of course if the server did an excellent job you may want to add more, but not accidentally double.

Watch the final bill– This is a new one, but one I personally experienced a few weeks ago. The final bill was different after I gave my credit card. Make sure they are the same.

As a former waiter (many years ago now) mistakes happen … servers are there to please, so feel free to ask, they will not be offended.

In the Air

A friend who travels a lot recently told me flying to him is the same as driving to me. For those that do not fly as frequently, here are a couple of tips.:

Book Early– The earlier you book, the better chance of getting a good deal.

Book Late– So you missed the early booking, with flexibility the very last-minute airfare may be an excellent value as filling the seat is better than no revenue at all.

Watch the Fine Print– Carry on, luggage, weights and sizes vary with every airline. The rules are the rules, be sure to check them … after all the clerk is just the messenger at the airport.

Safe and fun travels to all … and now, maybe a little less expensive.

Have a Great Day!

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