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Top Country Exporters 1960 to 2018 – Timely Tariff Related Animated Chart

This one is a little long… just over 5 minutes, but worth it considering the Sabre Rattling that is going on over Tariff talks…

The shorter ones do not give a good enough history of just when China came on the scene… Bet you cannot guess what year they did ? We missed by a long shot…

Also worth watching, the massive growth in Total World Exports – Graph/gauge in lower right portion of chart…

Maybe turn the volume down a bit before you hit play? Very patriotic, but a bit loud…hey who are we to question the author!



Source of Animation: Ranking the World

Source of Data: The World Bank

So Intrigued by these!

Have a Great “Top Exporters for Last 50 Years” Day!

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