Over the course of the last two days, we have heard from many prominent government figures (Ben Bernanke, President Obama, and Tim Geithner via President Obama) and we may finally be getting some answers to our many questions.  Unlike the previous two weeks where all we heard were vague references to what might be happening, this week we have actually gotten some concrete details of the plans that are in the works.  Now the majority of these plans are still weeks away from being implemented; but as I mentioned before, receiving specific information about the plans is always something the market craves. 

While there are still probably more questions than answers at this point, a light at the end of the tunnel may be coming if this path continues.  Once the answers come, the market will undoubtedly pause again and wait to see if the plans actually help.  While we may not agree completely with the plans that are in place or are going to be in place, we can agree on one thing: at this point, action had to be taken and we are glad that our government is willing to take the actions necessary to fix the problems we have now and help prevent any future problems.   DC

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