2009 AFG Conference

Starting on Wednesday I will be attending the Applied Finance Group Annual Conference, this has been an annual conference that John and I have attended for 6 years in a row (which is also the number of times the conference has been held).  We feel this is one of the better conferences we attend on an annual basis because it is one of the smaller scale conferences which allows us to get up close and personal with many of the guest speakers.  We always return from this conference with a lot of valuable information and new ideas.  This year some of the guest speakers include:

  • Victor Davis Hanson,Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow, Stanford University
    A comparison of Modern Society to Lessons Learned from the Greek Empire
  • Bret Swanson,President, Entropy Economics, LLC
    Growth Opportunities in the Technology Sector
  • Victor Canto, Founder and Chairman, La Jolla Economics
    Victor Canto will lead a discussion on the state of the World Economy
  • John Tamny, Senior Economist, H.C.Wainwright Economics
    John Tamny will discuss the current U.S.Economy

    Hopefully this year will continue to provide us with some great perspectives of what has happened over the past year and what we can expect moving forward.  Once I return you can look forward to a posting of how the conference went and some of the things I heard.


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