Expect More of the Same

One thing most people can agree on is that we can expect more of what we have seen over the last few days from the markets moving forward.  While it seems that each economist has their own view of what could happen for the remainder of the year, it is also evident that investor’s are trying to figure out that same notion.  While it is clear the market has had a huge rally from extremely oversold levels, we have now reached to point of “what next?”  Until investor’s can obtain more clarity on what that is, the markets will continue to have a see-saw action.  The market will continue to be very news driven, because right now that is all investor’s have to gauge the expectations of the economy moving forward.  While it makes for a bumpy ride in the short-term, when we are able to look back in our rear-view mirror over the coming years the ride will have looked a lot smoother. DC

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