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Short Day … Long Weekend/Presidents Day … Home Internet Loss Shocker … Friday

With an early release today, we will collectively be out early for the safety of other residents, pedestrians and drivers of any vehicle …haha

Presidents Day

Monday is Presidents Day Holiday, so Capital Markets, Government Related entities, Banks, Post Offices and our office will be closed…

Looong Posts this Week – Will try to Shorten

Thanks for reading the two VERY long posts this week…. ok, so the new Mic makes for easier longer posts and you guys all know how many words can come out of the mouth.. Will try to keep it under control moving forward …. BUT likely working on new videos over the weekend as well as research, so not huge promises …haha

Lost the Internet at Home for 3 days and counting … Wow is that a shocker… Cell batteries drained, and certainly not helpful with our family slowly moving to cutting the cord …. Digressing!

Enjoy your Friday and your Long weekend (if the shoe fits) — Talk Next week!

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