Reminder of Not in a Straight Line and a Few Interesting Quotes

Just wanted to remind our readers and investors of our prior post: Not in A Straight Line 

A few interesting tidbits of information buried in the Financial Times from the weekend:

“Nani Beccalli, who as chief executive of GE International is in charge of all its business outside the US, said he saw several encouraging bits of economic data from round the world.”

“Bernd Geilen, the head of retail bank ING Direct in Italy, said there were signs of stabilisation returning to the banking market”

“Stefano Pambianchi of Cisco said technology companies were also seeing some rebound in orders”

This follows Fred Smith of Fed Ex from last Quarters conference call “The Worst is Behind Us” and several bankers from the “Bankers Presidential Tea”, on Friday, also showing confidence.
Never in a straight line, but soft tea leaves do sometimes make for interesting future events.  Patience.  JK

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