Age 67 and Still Going, Why We Do the Things We Really Enjoy!

On Wednesday night I had the good fortune to see an Englishman from Liverpool perform for a gruelling two and one half hours in a very warm environment and it struck me why he does this.

This year marks my twenty year anniversary for working in the financial industry. For the record almost every moment has been fun, different, and a learning experience, which is why I enjoy it so much.  After twenty years I look to my career is just getting started, not even half over,  and have no plans for the foreseeable future to change anything, except hopefully continue to learn and get better.

Certainly I have made mistakes and will again, but at age 41 experience has made me wiser, and more able to anticipate events, which will hopefully translate into a better advisor for clients.  

When you are fortunate to do the things you really enjoy for a living, I suspect many may have the same view.

Have a great day and a super weekend. JK

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