I Missed It! I Missed It!

As the Capital Markets move up at an astonishing pace you can almost hear some investors screaming, “I Missed It.”

The chase is on as many investors were waiting and expecting a major pullback which has not transpired at this point, leaving many investors in the dust and relegated to buying here at a much higher level than just a short time ago.

We do not disagree that a pullback after such a dramatic move is certainly possible, and long overdue. The problem with this thinking is best summed up in a quote I keep written on my window “The Market can be Wrong Longer Than You Can Stay Solvent.”  This quote is extreme and coined during the 99 tech bubble.

It is very difficult to time the exact level capital markets will rise or fall to during any given time. Our philosophy and belief is very regimented and systematic in an effort to take the emotion of the moment out of the equation. This philosophy is easily summed up in our post on Aug 19, 2009 What Every Investor Wants to Do… Buy Low and Sell High, It’s Easy–But You Might Have to Feel Like a Dope.

Investing success is best achieved in our opinion by determining your correct allocation (Equities v Fixed Income) and then methodically sticking to it. This will certainly make you feel like a dope sometimes, but should keep investors from ever having to scream “I Missed It!”

Have a Good Day!


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