Earnings Season, An Update from the Front Lines–Unintended findings, Future Employment??

As we near the heart of earnings season, our internally named, 90 day treadmill, we wanted to give you a brief update on our findings.

As a comparison to last quarter’s earnings season, More Clues: U.S. Jobless Rate, A Take From Recent Earnings and Longer Term A Need for Higher Personal Emergency Funds we had many companies who were making their numbers on the bottom line, Net Income, but missing on the top line.

As of this time of the season, we are seeing more top line (sales/revenue) growth numbers as well as continued bottom line/Net Income beats.

This is very good news for a continue capital market growth, but also, longer term for unemployment numbers.

Higher Sales = Eventual need for more employees

Overall, so far we give earnings season a B+

Have a good day!


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