Black Friday Conclusion,”Susie the Saver” and Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday (Black Friday Looms-”Sammy the Spender” and “Susie the Saver”) we introduced a few casual seasonal thoughts concerning our interest in “Black Friday” and also our hopeful busy appearance of a cheerful character, “Sammy the Spender” as an investor’s and analysts best friend. Today we share experiences with “Susie the Saver” a planner and saver.  

After winding down from Thanksgiving, Susie spends time thinking of the various gifts she has not already purchased for the season, along with a few important needed items for the remainder of the year.   Understanding that many items will truly be at a great discount on Black Friday morning, Susie’s time is spent organizing her possible final purchases. Contrary to her counterpart Sammy, Susie takes time to understand the items she “needs” and the other items she just “wants”.

As Friday morning makes its appearance, Suzie takes time scan the local paper for bargains, and before venturing out to the various retail establishments, happily discovers on-line, most of her needed items are also offering “free shipping”.  After a few point and clicks, most all of Suzie’s “needed” items and gifts are complete, leaving her time to visit with friends and family and take an occassional exhausted call from her good friend “Sammy the spender” (still fighting crowds late into the night).

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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