Happy Easter–Stunned at the Speed of This Year So Far

I don’t know about you, but for me it is hard to believe we are already in April. Just as a reminder it is April fool’s day today, so be on the watch for a trickster or two, but not from us, our business is tricky enough without any extra outside help. 

Speaking of business, the capital markets did very well across the board in the first quarter (1-1-2010 – 3-31-2010)  even if there was a hiccup out of the gate in January and early February. The market may be a bit ahead of itself, but with earnings season just around the corner, we will find out soon. 

In honor of  Good Friday, we will be out of the office tomorrow (4-2-2010), but I will most likely be somewhere in the city with laptop in tow, working on the Newsletter, as we have some exciting subjects to discuss and enjoy clarifying our thoughts as we write. 

Sophia & Pierce

Saturday brings an Easter Egg hunt that Pierce, my 2 year old (still learning the ropes of gathering eggs) and Sophia my 5 year old (old pro at getting the basket full) are look forward to. 

We hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the start of spring ! 


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