Chicken or the Egg?

Business managers and owners, consumers, lawmakers, politicians and anyone we might have missed, seem to keep a careful eye on the movements of the market’s these days.

In some ways we feel this is healthy, and an excellent use of technology and time. In other ways it leads us to wonder;

Which Came First the Chicken or the Egg?

Chicken or the Egg

In recent years, consumer confidence has shown a very high correlation to market movement. Understanding that more and more American consumers are invested in capital markets, this of course, is a good thing, as our country has matured and become more wealthy across many social levels but has downfalls as well.      

Technology is part to blame     

Technology is at our fingertips and beautiful flat screens have even made their way in to many fine dining restaurants, keeping us all in tune with the day’s events, both good and bad.  Just a few years ago it was not uncommon to find out about capital markets until the weekend, or the next morning, certainly not in real-time.     

We are huge advocates of technology, and ourselves carry various forms and communication devices to stay in touch with our clients and the capital markets, but there is a possibility that knee jerk reactions may occur, given the wonderful technological flow of information.     

Would not change anything, only recognize the symptoms    

We would not change a thing concerning technology and interest levels in capital markets, but we do realize, and caution, that with such wonderful power, comes the responsibility of good, stable, thinking.    

Have a Good Day!    



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