Earnings Update, So Far So Good, Looking Forward Ok Too!

Approximately mid way through the 90 day treadmill, better known as earnings season, we are finding companies generally positive and for the most part doing well.

Earnings Season 90 Day Treadmill

Forward expectations overshadow current, look back earnings, especially given most investors are trying to gauge the new normal speed of our country’s economic growth. Most company managers are singing a mostly positive tune looking forward, although cautious.

No doubt the US, along with many other parts of the world have slowed since wearing off our sugar high and stimulus, back in April or May of 2010, but we are growing.

The S&P 500 is right back where it started again, a return of 0.0% from the beginning of the year 2010. Being that we are in a seasonally weak period, along with an extremely fast trip to get where we are, it would not surprise us at all to fall back into the negative territory for the year in short order. 

We still favor our year end goals of growth of 8-10%, nothing is guaranteed, of course, hold on as choppy has been the theme so far this year! 

Have A Good Day!


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