Fire Hose Blast Meetings of Many Publicly Traded Management Teams Over the Next Two Days

Today and tomorrow I have the opportunity to attend one of my favorite institutional investor events of the year, the Southwest Ideas Conference. This is a CFA related conference with a fire hose like blast of many CEO’s and upper management meetings.

This year 35-40 publicly traded company management teams are set to explain their companies, structure, and importantly their outlook on the future.

In addition to various sectors of our economy, these companies tend to be smaller in scale, making analysis more straight forward and giving the investment community a direct look at each company’s specific area of expertise.

Items I will have specific interest in are as follows:

  • Outlook within the company’s Sector
  • Loan Financing options/trouble’s/ease
  • Competitive landscape
  • Management adjustments to economic changes
  • Inflation costs on core production costs and employee costs
  • Expected sales growth over the next several years

Each year I enjoy the opportunity to “roll up the sleeves” and visit with management teams, this year looks to be no different. I will update you later with any interesting findings.

Have A Great Day!


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