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Happy Holiday Weekend!

Best wishes today and for the weekend as we celebrate Easter and Passover as well as others.

As a reminder Capital Markets are closed as are our offices.

Have a Good Weekend!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Social Security RSVP Reminder and Questions Update (Send More Questions!) – Friday Holiday – Short Week Office Hours…

Hello this is your official reminder to RSVP for the Social Security event.

It’s going to come very fast since this weekend is a holiday weekend … Capital Markets and our office will be closed on Friday.

We look forward to seeing you and a friend where the subject matter may be applicable at our Social Security event Saturday, April 27 at DAC – Dallas Athletic Club at 10 AM for a fun special informative visit with our local Social Security expert and former Social Security three decade Employee, Mr. Tom Clark !

Here are our questions so far- but we want more – keep them coming!

  1. Last time we spoke you were VERY certain Social Security would be there for all of us upon retirement – With all of the changes, do you still feel this way?
  2. Can you explain the divorced verses divorced and remarried benefits?
  3. Have you ever heard of someone being offered a lump sum of retroactive Social Security benefits?
  4. November of 2015 ushered in new laws and changes, are there any neat techniques that survived?
  5. Can you explain non US citizen spousal benefits?
  6. We have been told many of the benefit statements are not always accurate, understating the actual eventual benefit, has this been your experience?
  7. How much can I earn and not receive penalties if I retire before my full retirement age?
  8. The Full Retirement Age keeps being pushed out, will this continue? Is there a schedule?
  9. How long do I have to report my Social Security earnings if they were not reported by an employer?
  10. For many years I did not draw on an ex spouses earnings by accident – using only my earnings benefit, can I request some sort of look back to get my full benefits?
  11. If want to change my Social Security election decision after I made it and have been drawing benefits, Can I do that?
  12. Do I have to take Social Security Benefits ? What if I do not want to?
  13. Is it better to sign up in person or use the website, or does it matter?
  14. My wife is not a US citizen, does that affect her spousal benefits?
  15. Will Social Security always be there in your opinion?
  16. What percent of people take benefits early, at full retirement age and as late as possible?

Send questions to – We welcome any and all!

Here is your personal video invite:


Here is your traditional invite:

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Have a Great “Soon to be Social Security Experts” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
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Tax Findings and thoughts from the 2018 Tax Season as we cross the finish line, finally!

Frequently our posts here act as a diary, for clarification, look back, and for possible reference in the future.

With tax season officially ending today – thank goodness – we felt like no better time than the present to pin our thoughts on what we saw this tax season.

So here we go…

2018 New Tax Law Review and thoughtsUncle Sam

Initially as we entered the tax year, we heard rumors and complaints of higher taxes – which on our first few returns, we found inaccurate.

As we carried through tax season we found that there were winners and losers and we will try to explain in greater detail for future reference for this time next year and for possible planning… for the record it way generally very hard to anticipate the winners from losers in advance as each situation seemed to have it’s own twist.

This is in general and very broad terms – as there are always exceptions, especially when dealing with taxes..

First the losers:

Single Taxpayers – With many deductions no longer allowed, simple standard deduction caused lower write offs in many cases.

Folks with heavy real estate right offs – SALT -State and Local Tax – deduction limited many – For the record clumping did not work as well as we had hoped.

Folks and heavy tax state residences – Again due to SALT deduction, we saw limits being reached frequently.

Folks that just fell under the itemized deductions due to limitations from the new tax laws – Limited deductions held many under the standard deduction.

Charitable donors – but not heavily charitable donors – standard deduction comes in play.

And the winners:

Large Families – Child credit in play here – $2k credit per child helped.

Married couples – especially those that had been filing non-itemized returns in the past-higher deduction in play here – a net gain in the higher standard deduction.

Non Itemizers – Those filing regular standard tax returns, usually found meaningful benefit.

Business owners with qualified pass  through taxes – lower tax rate at work here.

Real estate holdings that were not high property tax but possibly had meaningful interest expense – Although SALT limited much, interest expense was not limited in many cases.

So what have we learned?

Given the lower marginal tax rates in certain situation it likely makes sense to accelerate IRA distributions if one is in the appropriate asset position.

Heavy property tax real estate holdings may have limits, the SALT limit will greatly affect the deductions of such holdings.

While salt clumping – The clumping the property taxes-may not work as well, charitable deduction clumping will work very effectively but needs planning. Clumping years of charity gifting to get over the standard deductions may provide greater benefit.

In closing, the thing we learned the most –

The new tax forms and all of their crazy schedules are horrible!

The effort to go to a simplified tax return was nice, however it over complicated the details of any non-simple tax return.

We hope that in the future many of the schedules are enlarged or pulled to the front as it is very difficult to reconcile and reconcile tax returns with the current forms.

Have a Great “Last Unofficial” Tax Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.


Proxy Season is Here – Reminder… We Vote and save the wasted paper for you! Masters Weekend Friday

As we wave goodbye to Tax Season – Almost there – just one more business day!

We say hello to another season.

Proxy Season Remindersvote-1804596__480

As a most common regular practice, we vote proxies for clients. There are multiple advantages of doing this …

  • Your mailbox will not get overblown with massive proxy statements, notices, and voting material
  • Being more green – we get one piece of material for hundreds of you, saving the companies money and helping the environment at the same time
  • Getting the Vote completed – the vote will get cast, frequently a confusing proposition as near all votes are electronic, but after many completions the systems are know

Are you getting Proxy Statements?

If you by chance are getting proxy notices, please contact us and we will resend and reset the directives to have those proxies sent to us in bulk – occasionally proxy votes will revert back to you via new proxy provider or company changes.

Ahhhh…. it’s a Friday, but not just any Friday … a Masters Weekend Friday – Enjoy!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

Life-Got-in-the-way Tax Form Savior – The Automatic Extension – Form 4868

The best laid plans cannot always avoid that curve-ball of life…

  • Maybe it was a compromise in your time…
  • Maybe a tax form didn’t make it to you..
  • Maybe you just didn’t jump out of bed and feel like doing your taxes – Who can blame you?
  • Maybe you are like many, and just want to file an extension for audit protection reasons? There are tales of less audits being done on those that do extensions – sounds logical, but hard to prove!

The tax form for your Automatic Extension

Form 4868

This link to Form 4868 will give you a no excuse needed – absolute extension for your personal filings.

Here is the link to the instructions … this extension will give you a breather until October 15, 2019, again, without any questions.

If you owe, make a rough estimate and pay in …. or you will have penalties due! 

Have a Great “Tax Savior Form” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

Q 1 2019 Report Cover


No one really knows for sure!

Just like we weren’t certain what caused a hissy fit the last quarter of 2018, no one really knows for sure why everyone became so happy this quarter. Needless to say, we think this is a more normal reaction and possibly a reversion to the mean from the hissy fit.

As mentioned in our Q2 2019 Newsletter, capital markets could have been protesting higher interest rates – or as mentioned in one of our most read posts at, it could have just been that it was amateur hour and movement during a Gentleman’s agreement no movement time was exaggerated. No matter the reason, capital markets have a happier face.

Inverted yield curve

Just as we pushed the Q2 Newsletter off to the presses, the yield curve did officially invert – as a reminder, yield curve inversion is when short term interest rates are higher than long term rates, which occurred in the last five days of the quarter. The reason we, as well as many other in the industry crow about this unique situation, is it has been a precursor to recessions with great accuracy.  Before taking shelter and hiding under the covers, this precursor has no accuracy on the depth, and very little accuracy on the timing of a recession.  In some instances a recession occurred two years after the inversion.

Recession Definition

As mentioned again in our Q2 Newsletter, the definition of a recession is two consecutive negative gross domestic production – GDP prints – yes that could be – .01% and -.01% making for a mini-mi recession, but still a recession. No matter, just as you can’t be partially sick or partially have an accident the inverted yield curve did occur. As such we will be monitoring the situation very carefully and remembering that now, is not the time to be taking extra risk.

Interest Rates

Given the yield curve inverted, no steep inflation signals are occurring, and the economy is growing, but not red hot, it is likely we have seen the highest short term rates for a while. Fed officials seem very comfortable at the current level. As more data is recorded, things can change.

We will talk to you again in the summer, have a great day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP


Tax Update – Reminder busiest wire day of the year – Friday

With a full girth of tax returns under our belt now, the general gist is there are winners and losers – but it is very difficult to pin the success or the lack of success on any one reason.

Thanks for the Thanks – Happy to Do Our JobUncle Sam

A special shout out and thank you to all of those who have thanked us for getting their tax information to them or their tax professional in an expedited manner – Our theory on this is if someone’s working on your return we want it to stay at the top of the pile, hence we try and get the documents in lightning fast fashion!

Again you are all welcome but happy to do our job and hopefully cut down on the inevitable start and stop mistake!

Wire Reminder

Speaking of taxes – the busiest wire day of the year is tax day – Certainly understand the desire to wait to the last minute – weight that option with something going wrong on the busiest day of the year!

Spring Has Sprung

Today is a Friday and it’s finally getting warm at least here in the south.

Enjoy your weekend, we will stay alert for tax questions through our electronica tether.

Don’t forget to spend time with those special in your life!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.