Egypt Facts For Context Reasons

Egypt Sphinx

In preparation for what was looking like another interesting day in the capital markets last night, Asia markets were weak, I prepared a few context facts on the latest headlines, Egypt.

As of this time, things can change rather quickly, domestic capital markets seem to be rationalizing the situation rather subjectively. As we have stated repeatedly, capital markets do need a rest, and this conflict may be a reason.

We are in no way minimizing the conflict. Fear of spread by neighboring countries is realistic, that being said we hope a few facts help shed light on the matter.

A few facts according to the CIA World Fact book:

  • Egypt Population: 80 Million People
  • Approximately $501 Billion GDP, ranking 27th in world (Recall the US GDP is approximately $14.7 trillion)
  • Pennsylvania’s GDP according to Wikipedia, roughly $500 Billion, or equivalent to Egypt
  • Egypt is approximately three times the size of New Mexico

Again for context reasons only, and not withstanding the transportation and productivity issues associated with a conflicted Egypt, we thought you might be interested in a few Egyptian facts.

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