Q2 2011 J.K. Financial, Inc. Newsletter

Coming to your mailbox soon is our Second Quarter 2011 Newsletter. Digital copies have been posted to the Newsletter section on our website now.

The lead article in our current Newsletter discusses Trusts. Often misunderstood or thought a mystery, we attempt to shed light on what a Trust is, how they may be used and the various types of Trusts available to investors.

An Option primer is our second headline story and part one of a year-long series. Option trading volume has grown dramatically as well as competing exchanges for their listings which has greatly reduced transaction spreads and barriers to entry.  This often forgotten financial product may have merit for investors today, however dangers do exist with inappropriate use.

In the first of a series of energy related, “Did You Know” article, we discuss energy related facts about the state of Texas.  In the future we will preview other states and interesting energy figures.

In our closing section we review interesting enhancements for our clients and our office for the year 2011. New monthly statements, client friendly WiFi access at the off ice, and technology improvements are on tap this year as we look forward to our summer improvements of 2011.

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