5 Financial Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring is near and even with many parts of the country experiencing unseasonably cool weather, we thought it might make sense to visit a few top financial spring cleaning and updating ideas.

So here we go, in no order of priority:

Financial Spring Cleaning

  • Confirm you contribution are set up to max out your 401k or other retirement plan for the year 2011. For those 50 and over, remember you have catch up options that may require you ask your provider for acceptance of the higher contribution rate. (Do not accelerate your contributions, just confirm you are maxing the amount you can contribute on an annual basis.)
  • Dust off that Will and take a few minutes to review your primary decision makers.  Executor, Trustee (s), primary and secondary beneficiaries, trust arrangements are the most common decision makers that may have changed due to your life changes. If it has been many years since you have reviewed your Will, it is very possible something has changed.
  • Take a moment to review your monthly bills and determine if you have any unnecessary, or unused services. If you are not using something take a moment to call and cancel the service, you will feel better after you do.
  • Finish up your summer vacation planning. If you have not finalized the details of your summer vacation, try to nail down the details sooner rather than later, as last-minute, distressed plans are not always economical. Our favorite sites are www.vrbo.com , www.kayak.com,  www.travelocity.com, as well as the various airline sites, which do run special vacation packages frequently.
  • Embrace technology and be green. Almost every financial transaction can be completed electronically today, many with money-saving features. Take a moment to get all of your transactions, services, and statements, completed on-line, it will save you time and money. Be sure to keep a master list somewhere safe, of your passwords, and let someone know of that list.

We hope you have enjoyed our ideas for your “Financial Spring Cleaning” and that you have a super wonderful spring too!

Have a Great Day !


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