5 Of the Most Important Money People You Might Not Know (Part 2)

Within 24 hours of our post, in a very coincidental and unfortunate chain of events,  our first fellow walker, Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kauhn’s importance was validated in multiple stories, however, he is most likely now the former head of IMF.
Today we meet another important Money Person you may not know, hopefully with greater long-term success.
Since today is a Monday, we will keep our walker slightly more recognizable in order to start your week off on a fun note. Remember we are randomly meeting these folks as we stroll down the street.
Here is a picture of our second important fellow walker:
His name is Mervyn Allister King.
He is Governor of a bank sometimes known as the ‘Old Lady’ of Threadneedle Street, the Bank was founded in 1694, nationalised on 1 March 1946, and gained independence in 1997.
His job could be compared to an elder sibling of Bernanke, but with goals of only Monetary and Financial Stability, but nothing of  employment such as his American counterpart, Ben Bernanke.
Mervyn Allister King is head of the Bank of England, one of the few banks not to join one of our coming fellow bankers groups (hint) and closest in similarity of the US’s own Ben Bernanke.

We will continue your journey soon.

Have A Great Day!


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