Debt Ceiling and NFL Talks, It’s Just Human Nature !

Not withstanding the bureaucratic implications and responsibilities of our political representatives, we find it interesting that the NFL meetings are in a similar position (down to the wire) as the debt ceiling dicussions.

The debt ceiling, is of course, much more important to the US Economy, however, the parallels of these two are interesting.

There is a reason the post office used to stay open late (prior to electronic filing) on the last day of tax due dates.

Human nature, the smoldering flame that becomes the fire, or the leverage that abounds as the deadlines get closer, it seems to be “Human Nature” to have these types of decisions run to the end.

We continue to believe the Debt Ceiling issue will be resolved favorably, but with summer doldrums in full effect, the capital markets may move similar to a jack rabbit taking their que from each positive or negative story.

For the NFL fans among us (present party included) we hope the negotiations are resolved and we have no opinion on the outcome other than, “Its Just Human Nature!”

Have a Great Day!


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