Account View versus Electronic Vault

To clarify some confusion that we may have inadvertantly caused, we wanted to explain the difference between the Account View and Electronic Vault.

These are two distinctly different electronic access points, which also have two totally unique log in portals. The Account View feature which can be accessed by clicking the right side of our live blog site looks like this:

Clients Only!

You may also access this information via our website at by clicking the “Account View” tab.

Entering the Account View area gives you access to the following information from our outside vendor:

  • Monthly Statements posted about 2 business days after the end of the month
  • Confirmations for all Trading Activities
  • All Tax Statements that are necessary for your IRS filings and that are reported to the IRS

The Electronic Vault is a second unique site that allows access to your specific information (like a personal safe deposit box), such as:

  • Quarterly Performance Reports
  • Wills and Trust Documents that we may have copies
  • Tax Returns if available and requested
  • Loan or employment related information
  • Other unique information that you may have a need for immediate, any time, access
  • You may also Deposit/Upload electronic documents directly from your computer to your personal Vault, for safe, any time, access

We hope this has helped clarify some of the confusion that may have occurred as many of you have chosen to embrace these options for your personal use.

Have a Great Day!


214-706-4300 if you have Questions !

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