The Black Cloud of Panelists at the CFA Dinner

Last night, as mentioned earlier in the week, a group of “experts” joined to visit and discuss the domestic and global economic situation at great length. Each one of the four horsemen spoke on a very macro view of the world.

As dinner concluded and the microphone volumes increased the blue skies turned dark and I began to fear of indoor lightning bolts and rain. Projected time frames ran from an optimistic 2018 to a pessimistic 2022 for the good times to return.

Over use of leverage, EU debt issues, and continued government criticisms were abundant as we hit the mid-point of the discussion. One speaker virtually guaranteed we were in a recession at the current time. We will keep track as the year passes.

While I operate most times from an optimistic view-point and “There are very few statues of pessimists!” it is healthy to always listen to the negative views. In the case of this dinner, one night may cover several days or even a week of negatives.

After reviewing my notes from the meeting one last time……still all negatives, definitely a weeks worth!

Have a Great Day!



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