Mac v PC ….. Being Thrifty Just Got Harder; Somebody’s Watching You and it Might Cost You Extra $$

Mac versus PC is one of the more interesting wars that has gone on for decades. Mac’s, once left for dead have now become dominant in certain circles in part due to Apple’s wonderful smart phone and pad products.

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You might think there is no difference searching the web from your Mac or your PC, but a recent Orbitz study, highlighted by this Wall Street Journal article shows the differences in personal characteristics, and the downside of “Somebody’s Watching Me” (Rockwell-video), which we have highlighted here before, as the government began tracking cost basis on our investments.

According to this study, acknowledged by Orbitz, if you search for and book a hotel from a Mac you most likely will see higher room rates, due to greater priced desires/stereotypes associated with Mac users, but if you book from your PC, you will see lower prices (must be me…according to my wife I definitely fall into this camp, I call if frugal..) associated with the general desires of a normal PC user.  I knew they were collecting all that data for some reason!

The neat part of receiving an email of a similar product from a site you recently visited, but did not purchase has a down side, we have been profiled. A simple acknowledgement and understanding of this profiling is good for most.

So now we know, spending time on an extra click or two may save you a few bucks, especially since “Somebody’s Watching Us!”

Have a Great Day and hope you are enjoying our continued light week!




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