Technology maintenance tomorrow (7-25-12) , hoping for best, planning for hiccups

In true one step back to take two steps forward fashion, tomorrow we have two separate tech teams arriving mid afternoon to install a new super high-speed internet connection. With a change of IP addresses, multiple fire walls and protection systems that will need to be re-directed and adjusted we wanted you to know the situation.

While we are assured a simple, fast and efficient move we are planning for the worst. We have back up plans ready in the event our simple system move turns more complex. Of course we also expect/plan for market events as Murphy’s law usually finds his way to us.

Thanks for your patience during the move, we are excited to get a connection  multiple times faster than our current, however we are skeptical of the ease at which it will be achieved.

When complete, we will send out a quick post to update you, hopefully with no entertaining stories.

Have a Great Day.



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