Earnings Update, A Theme…Beat on Bottom Line, Miss on Top (Explained)

As we started the most recent 90 day treadmill, the bar of expectations had been lowered dramatically for most with a negative expected growth rate year over year, leaving many management teams with an attainable target. This treadmill’s theme has been an interesting one and has garnered the nick name, “Beat on Bottom, Miss on Top” ….here is an update and a definition.

Beating on the bottom line refers to beating expectations in bottom line net earnings, and for the top, missing expectations on sales. If we took a much more common negative view (Zag says hello) we could follow the herd and say management teams are controlling the biased Wall Street analysts.  Our high road statement is a positive, “Well Done Guys” you have done more with less and made lemonade out of lemons in some  cases. Keep it up!

Here is the latest report from S&P:

Have a super start to your week and remember, the Fed Speaks this week AND we start the client named, J.K. Financial, Inc. – Technology Black Out tomorrow at 3 pm…..fingers crossed, well wishes accepted…haha


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