An intimate review with multiple CEO’s, one of our favorite yearly events

Happy Veterans day! Bond markets are closed today and as such equity trading will be light, federal wiring and banks are closed as well.

This week marks one our favorite times of the year. No…not because Thanksgiving is coming next week (ranks high) but later this week one of our favorite “drink from a fire hydrant” events occurs. All day Wednesday and Thursday the annual Southwest Ideas Conference occurs.  During this event we have the opportunity to visit one on one and in a group presentation format with over 50 publicly traded company management teams.

Our goal for this event is two-fold, meet the teams and learn about new companies as well as get a feel for their candid outlook on the economy and more importantly, what they are doing as a result of their expectations.  Rarely do we have conflicting opinions, but it does occur which makes our information digestion even more interesting.

Included in the event on Wednesday is a keynote speech by Harvey Rosenblum, director of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. We have heard Mr. Rosenblum before and look forward to his updated thoughts.

We look forward to bringing you updates from our two-day event this week.

Have a Great Monday!


PS Congrats to the Aggies for knocking off # 1 Alabama

PSS I completed the marathon, but not in the time I had wanted…if at first you don’t succeed…..thanks Colonel J for hanging with me

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