US Energy Independence…IEA scoops our thoughts

Yesterday the International Energy Association (IEA) swiped our soon to come extended Q1 2013 Newsletter thunder article, with an attention-getting headline “US to be Energy Independent.”  This headline was quickly picked up by all the major media outlets confirming we were on to something when we started our research.

We will certainly give the IEA a break since they carry slightly more weight in the Energy spectrum than us (haha), but we are now armed with data from their report along with various other reports that will help us further our analysis and deliver a better article to you at year-end.

Here is a summary of the article along with a link for an executive summary.  Their belief is that the US can become a natural gas exporter by 2020 and possibly completely energy independent by 2035 also along the way overtaking the middle east in total production.

Forecasts of this length are extremely hard to predict accurately, however the thought of such just a few years ago would have been unimaginable.  We think the future is bright, and this is just one reason. Watch for more on this in our all new special extended edition Q 1 2013 Newsletter.

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PS Our two-day fire hydrant analyst meeting starting tomorrow is filled with Energy executives, the IEA’s research may give many a topic for discussion.

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