Thanksgiving…Being thankful for what we have

It’s hard to be 100% thankful for all that we have as a luxury once tasted easily becomes a necessity, pushing many of  the basics to the back of importance.

We could all have or be something a little more, present party included for sure….however, Thanksgiving is a time of the year for giving thanks for what we DO have and sharing with those friends and family around us.

While I want a higher market, we have a pretty good market….Thankfully

I want a faster growing economy, but we have one that is not falling apart….Thankfully

I have wonderful friends and business acquaintances (maybe even reading this right now) and a terrific family…Thankfully

Using myself as an example, you get the point…Hopefully we can all be thankful this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Ok, you knew I could not be this serious for an entire post…Cathy the office manager here at the office is thankful she has tomorrow off, as does the entire office on Friday..haha

Be Safe and Happy Thanksgiving again!


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