Happy New Year’s….Hello 2013, So Long 2012..Thank You !

I could not keep my fingers off the keyboard for the ENTIRE Holiday season…it’s just too much fun and too much is going on..haha

We are working on a very special extended Newsletter that has a lot of interesting facts, forecasts, and fantastic rhetoric, especially given all the unique events that will occur in 2013 and have happened in 2012.  We look forward to bringing you more details soon.

Speaking of years, another one has passed very quickly and we appreciate you and your time more than you know. Being numbers folks, we often struggle with words and appreciate your understanding and patience, especially in this venue. Yes, Cathy the misspelled cookie money jar is sure to have continued contributions in 2013!NewYears

Have a Safe and Fun New Year’s !!


PS I made it without mentioning the Fiscal Cliff…oh….there I go again…

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