A Ghostbusters Market? Still “Two Down One Up”…. 90 day treadmill …. Weekend flight

With a capital market that seems to be chugging along ignoring any bad news while seizing the good news, I was reminded of the original Ghostbusters movie. The sweet elder librarian seemingly harmless and friendly. (Bear with me it’s a Friday…Thank you)

For those that do not recall here is a picture:


Markets much like the sweet woman in the movie do have a way of changing. We feel it is still a “Two Down One Up” risk/reward capital market. Let’s not let our guards down as the sweet markets do have a way of changing. For those who forgot, this sent Bill Murray and friends scampering away…

Not sweetlibrarian

If we are cautious and know the possibilities, hopefully capital market moods will not scare us!

Earnings Season:

After today about 20% of the companies in the S&P 500 will have reported (90 Day Treadmill) and so far the results are ok to good, but not great. Most importantly guidance has been ok as well. We are happy with he results, but feel capital markets are being a bit too optimistic at the moment, such our caution. We will keep you updated as the treadmill continues in full force of the next 7-8 business days.

Weekend Travels:

This weekend I will miss a basketball game of my daughters as a business flight and meetings collide on Saturday/Sunday, but she will be in good hands and maybe even play better without the pressure of dad,  dinner tonight will be extra special, I hope..haha

Have a great weekend!


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