When to file your taxes?? Early birds, calm your feathers, especially if you receive these forms (But not on Saturday, Post Office suspends Weekend Service)

While procrastination can often times cause disruption of goals, especially topical so soon after new year’s resolutions, being too early to file your taxes can also create issues.Early Bird

We recommend you file your taxes no earlier than mid to late March and you may consider even later if you receive any of these forms:

  • K-1 (Frequently very late delivered)
  • 1099 Consolidated’s (Often times corrected)
  • Small Employer W-2’s (Corrections prevalent)

While it is not a huge deal to file a 1040X (Corrected tax return) it certainly takes away from the relief you may have experienced when you originally sent that return.

Not that haste makes waste, but in this instance, take a seat, relax, take a load off and get comfortable as your best bet for filing your tax return is still over a month away!

One last point, do not wait until the last-minute as that may lead to our prior saying of “haste makes waste” and will certainly bring stress into the equation.

Have a Great Day!


PS Don’t expect forms on Saturday as the post office just announced later this year to suspend saturday delivery. Nice tax savings !

PSS If you are cringing at this special week of tax issues, don’t worry you are almost finished….but hold on….this is important stuff, especially our coming Friday post!!

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