Taxes, Taxes and More Taxes….

Just as Alcoa somehow has officially become the start of our “90 day treadmill” aka Earnings season, mid February marks the delivery date of tax forms and the unofficial commencement of TAX SEASON. Yes, tax season is here, with only a pause for spring break in a few weeks until the dash to April 15.Tax

We are not CPA’s, however we do offer to review your tax returns for another set of eyes to see if it passes the smell test of correctness. We have a wonderful success story to tell, but will wait until we get deeper into tax season as a timely story usually has more pertinence.

With corporate returns due in just a few weeks (March 15th) let the dash begin. Of course extensions for tax filings are always an easy item to complete.

But even before personal taxes (April 15) and corporate taxes (March 15)  a different type of tax, sequestration, is due on March 1, next week! At $80-90 billion total, the hype associated with this tax is overblown in our opinion. We will discuss this is greater detail next week if continued dialogue dominates the airwaves.

This weekend brings the last annual Indian Princess daddy daughter formal dance on Saturday night followed by a 7 am 13.2 mile trot in Fort Worth for myself on Sunday. Three years ago the Indian Princess gathering seemed an eternity, today I wish it would continue…oh well…they grow up fast!!

Have a Great Friday and a wonderful weekend! Talk to you next week and thanks for reading.


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