90 Day Treadmill Begins Next Week…Taxes, Taxes and …….Taxes!

It’s hard to believe the official/unofficial start to the 90 day treadmill begins the next week with Alcoa…seems like we just finished Q4 2012.  Here are the details for our electronic diary:

Consensus earnings from Standard and Poors

4-5-13 S&P 500 Q1 2013 EPS Est

4-5-13 S&P EPS Est Q 1 2013

For those into details, the bogey is $25.49 for S&P 500 earnings this quarter…if this number is hit, our trailing PE will be a smooth 16 (This is a high number…..frothy…)

Taxes, Taxes and more Taxes….The good and the bad

Complication is down this year as we are all getting used to the new reporting. From our perch most taxpayers and professionals are all on the same page and taxes preparation is running smooth…..of course it is not over yet, but we are close as that is a light at the end of the tunnel…not a Train…we hope!

Generally we are seeing more taxes paid in this year than prior so if you fall into this category do not feel alone. We would expect to see US government receipts numbers up from prior years, based on our sample view.


I will be out of town in the afternoon today on a father dad trip to Eastern Texas…this time all family members are invited, as the three-year Indian Princess gathering comes to an end…time goes quickly.  Sunday brings tennis for the 8 year old and uninterrupted tax reviews for myself.

Have a Great Day and a Super Weekend!

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