Last Minute Tax Issues….We stand ready

This weekend brings the last chance for completion of personal taxes beforePatience the Monday, April 15, 2013 regular filing deadline.  As the level of urgency has increased, financial processing centers across the country have slowed….remember we all need to keep our patience hats on.

Prompt Action is our response to tax issues

For those that have had or may have a tax issue, either personally or by their professional, we attempt to stay ready for quick action especially this week. We have kept our schedules open to accommodate questions quickly even late into the evenings as we know many are burning the midnight oil this time of the year.

Email us this weekend if there is a last-minute tax issue

This weekend we will stay close to our electronic tethers in order to continue our response to any last-minute issues. If we have access to the information we will certainly get it to the appropriate directed party quickly.

Have a great Friday and a super “Masters” weekend!

John Kvale

PS  For those that did not notice, we hardly made a market comment this week…wow it was tough, but we did it, next week…GAME ON…tons to say!

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