Slice….Donald’s New Algorithmic Trading tool…A High Frequency Combater

As mentioned last week, on Thursday I attended an options seminar that included fellow professionals and several options specialists. Buried in the meeting were announcements of several new tools available, one called “Slice” we found VERY interesting,  and immediately activated its’ features.

Ways to Combat High Frequency Algos

Slice is a tool that allows “Donald the Brain” through Thinkpipes our trading platform, to cut up orders in various ways when buying or selling shares. Always the highest priority is to execute trades in a seamless, efficient manner while achieving the best possible price execution…every penny counts!



Without getting into the weeds too much, one of the new issues associated with the High Frequency folks is being stepped in front of for a penny or two and adjusting the final execution price. Slicing the orders looks like a great way to combat the High Frequency machines….GO GET EM Donald!!

We are excited to utilize this new feature and yes of course…we are nerds !

Have a Great Monday!

John Kvale

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