No Wonder Financial Prudence is So Hard

We are not recommending either as a purchase, but just for a moment, walk with us on this…

Another reason it is tough to get our financial ducks in a row

Someone recently mentioned to me that we live in a society where today it is easier to buy a $100k car than a $100k house……Let’s think about the implications.

  • House = Generally Long lasting
  • Car = Deprecates about 25% per year for the first several years
  • House = Tax break
  • Car = No Tax break (usually)
  • House = Appraisal…title…Credit Check…first born child…blood type
  • Car = High level credit check …Oh no problem just a higher rate if you have bad credit….here are the keys
  • Time to buy a $100k Car about 2 hours
  • Time to buy a house, about 30 days..if we are lucky!

Funny Society pressures we face today.House V Car

Just another reason temptations make it tough to get our financial ducks in a row sometimes! Don’t bite…hopefully you enjoyed our parity! (Hat tip Mike)

Have a great day!

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