Personal confession…Why working remotely?….Summer Friday

Thanks very much for all of the support while working remotely for this time, it has been terrific.  I have received a repeated question as to why I continue to work while away??

There is certainly some accuracy to “Are you going to take a break from your break?” Meaning of course never getting totally away…but for the most part it is really simple.

My personal Confession

I really enjoy what I do, so it is never work…there are always ups and downs, but for the most part it is great and those clients reading this make it fun, ever changing and of course challenging at times, but I would not have it any other way.

Secondly, almost every professional advisor I know reads constantly and enjoys learning new things, (good and bad) daily.  I am totally in the read and keep up camp, so staying connected keeps me comfortable and calmer. When I am totally unplugged/out of touch, after a day or so, my anxiety level goes up….just ask my family.

Ok, enough about me!!! Hope you enjoyed my confession/answer to multiple questions!!

Summer Friday


Don’t look now, but it is another summer Friday, heading into a great weekend! Take time to enjoy and spend with those important in your life!

John Kvale

PS Maybe the cool air is making me mushy????? Nah!!
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Dallas, TX 75225

2 responses to “Personal confession…Why working remotely?….Summer Friday

  1. So happy you are able to have this retreat. Thanks for continuing to keep us and our best interests in mind. Enjoy! Wanda

  2. Cindy Krantz

    Hope you and your family are having a WONDERFUL relaxing time.  Enjoy that cool weather – it AIN’T cool here!!!!!  LOL  Enjoy the rest of the time you have there!!!!


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