Barron’s, Bulls, Cliff Asness…Are You Ready for some Football?

It is easy to get confused with today’s capital markets…hey it is easy to get confused in life at times…but I digress. Last Weeks Barron’s magazine front cover article is an example.

Barron’s Weekly Magazine lead Article

Bulls Take ChargeMaybe they are correct, but we hate these cover articles that make investing seem so black and white, not to mention easy.

Cliff Asness thinks things are not cheap

Buried in the same magazine, a fellow CFA professional, Cliff Asness discusses in great detail why the capital markets are not cheap and the long-term growth prospects. According to him stocks and bonds are a bit pricey.  We agree and we also agree with him that diversification in various asset classes is a must. This goes against the cover article and picture…oh well, confusing.

Are you ready for some Football?

This weekend brings the full force of football season that adds to the speed at which the later part of the year speeds by at least for us.

Have  great Friday and a super weekend!

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