Save a Headache, Get a Doctor before October 1, 2013

On October 1, 2013 the enrollment for the Affordable Health Care Act begins as open enrollment starts for those covered Jan 1, 2014. (Again as a reminder, this is not our specialty area, but being safe rather than sorry is always a good idea, and we wanted to deliver information we have discovered.)

Find Your Doctor Before October 1 2013

It may be a good idea to locate and find a permanent Doctor before the October 1 , 2013 open enrollment, especially if you have medicare coverage, if you do not current have one (You need one anyway!)  Many Doctors may have a large backlog of new enrollees depending on their situation.Find A doctor

No One Knows for Sure

It is impossible to know 100% who is going to do what, but it would be expected to have a larger group of enrollees as the Act begins. When there is any mass change there may be a period of digestion and re-allocation of manpower necessary before the system is completely fluid.  You still have time if you are currently covered and do not have a permanent doctor….Go get one if you fall in this category!

Have a Great Monday!

John Kvale

PS. As mentioned on Friday, I had a trip over the weekend and discovered a good marketing innovation. For 15 seconds of my time I was able to receive free wifi in the airport…very cool…yes, I have wife tether on my phone, but battery life is an issue with a travel trip planned. We are a very innovating society (this would have been unimportant 5 years ago, today I happily watched the video), and we have great marketers… Good job! Keep Innovating!!
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