The Big Surprise Announcement … Mother nature is the Winner, and Continues to be (Schools Out Again)

What a crazy unique year this has been. As we prepare for the final push to year end, the uniqueness, in a good but crazy way continues to astound.

The Big Surprise

This last weekend, Donald and Randi flew into town on Friday and safely returned Sunday early afternoon. Due to the crazy weather, we were not even able to cross paths !! We had planned on making a huge announcement on Saturday at the party and posting pictures today …. But it was not to be. This original announcement came near Halloween, but we kept it under cover for the party until now.


Capone Pumpkin

Mother Nature is the Winner

The 18th Annual J.K. Financial, Inc. Holiday Party turned out to be more of a dive for safety than a nice soiree (I had to look the spelling of that word up…I digress.)  After almost two decades we had yet to completely cancel a party until this weekend. We had stuck two HUGE party busses in a flooded street, ran out of alcohol in 15 minutes (early party) and chose a venue that was the new crammed packed destination for marathon pickup (fair park a few years ago) BUT we had never cancelled a party…..Until this weekend.

Here are a couple of pictures for those far from good ole Dallas. Oh…we did hear that over 70% of the USA had temperatures BELOW freezing on Friday/Saturday, a unique occurrence again … for those friends/clients over the two adjoining ponds.

One last item, the school gods continue to smile on kids of the DFW area as school has been cancelled again this Monday, leaving skeleton crews at most offices, present party included!

Ktrail photo Tree

Headline Economic Numbers Getting Jiggy

Last week we had several economic HEADLINE numbers that were above expectations, pushing confidence back into the equity markets. We will dissect these numbers, however at first read we think participants are overzealous. More to come!

Have a Great Monday!

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