Long Weekend … Earnings Haves and Have Nots … PS Save the Date: May 1, 2014

Monday, being Martin Luther King honored holiday, banks, government offices, capital markets, and our offices will be closed.  Feel free to email if you have a question as we always remained electronically tethered.

Short Holiday Season Earnings

With a December 2013 several day deep freeze across most of the US and  a 30% shorter season due to the calendar, it appears from earnings reports so far Santa was not able to make it to much of the country (financial nerd attempted humor.)Earnings Season

The “Have’s and Have Not’s” of earning season are currently blurry but beginning to take form in a more dramatic fashion than past holiday seasons. We are closely watching for possible continued contagion and will keep you posted.

NEXT WEEK brings a neat Richard Fisher speech review (another echo of our thoughts) along with other fun reviews of our thoughts and maybe Davos Switzerland update (2014 World Economic Forum meeting), but that is next week. Enjoy your Friday and your long weekend if applicable.

Thanks for reading and following our works !

John Kvale CFA, CFP and the J.K. Financial, Inc. Team

P.S. Shhh ….. We have a VERY special save the date speaker announcement we are putting the finishing touches on (Social Security and Medicare EXPERT! One of our top topics for clients) Pencil your calendar for Thursday Evening May 1, 2014 ! More to come.

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