Memorial Day …

By the time you read this I will have most likely have drunk 4 bottles of water and … well let’s say …. might not have the best odor. Today at 6 am I reported for duty for my children’s school Fair day, and as such will be in and out of the office …. in a little I think/hope. While not exactly sure what Fair Day is, they sure start early….

Speaking of reporting for duty!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

With family members and my closest friends in the armed forces I can say with the utmost respect we thank you for all you do and appreciate you more than we  communicate. You make the rest of our lives possible every day.Memorial Day

Markets will be closed on Monday and our office will be as well.

Be safe, remember those that make all this possible, and take time to spend with those special in your life!

Happy Friday and Memorial Day Weekend!

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