China v USA … Spygate Boxing Match

Maybe we read too much. Maybe you have noticed already. Just in case you have not, we thought you would find this quick bulleted history interesting. We have no side or opinion, only an investing watchful eye as this series of events can cause US international trade headwinds, which we follow as professional investors.

USA China Spygate Gloves are OffChina USA Boxing

Here is an interesting chain of events, just in case you missed it. No wonder some of the US companies are having trouble selling products internationally.

  • The BeginningSnowden (May 2013) – Spying black eye for US – China and many others Reprimand (Maybe we are being naïve, but most likely all are doing this, just do not let it go public)
  • Punch -US Orders Arrest of 5 Chinese Military Officers
  • Counter Punch – China Announces No More Windows 8 Allowed in China … At ALL
  • Upper Cut to the chin, Direct hit – China Arrests former CEO of JPMorgan Asia
  • Another Upper Cut — Rumor has China demands all IBM computers replaced with local computer company

It is doubtful this is the end.  Many companies will have tougher international sales if this continues….. Let’s all try to be friends please!

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