Half Way Through 2014 … Are you where you want?

Today is the last day of the quarter and the half way point of the year. While it has gone extremely fast, and with this week being a holiday shortened July 4th week, take a moment to reflect.

end of the Second Quarter 2014: Middle of Year

So if you are like me, a new year’s resolution list makes its way to your sights at the turn of the year. With today being the half way mark, take a moment to dust off those goals. If you did not have a resolution list, take 15 minutes and reflect on the goals, values, and achievements you most certainly had during the holidays. Ask yourself …  “Am I headed the correct direction?”

Are you where you want?Half Way

My bet is yes, so pat yourself on the back and enjoy the holiday shortened week.

If you slipped a little, be it finances, attitude, time management, friendships, weight, relationships, or ANYTHING …. not to fret … it’s only the half way point of 2014. This is your gentle reminder to make those goals more of a priority.


Let us know if we can help … We greatly enjoy being accountable for you !!

Have a great Monday.

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